The art of Heather Hug

About the work

Humans make stories. Every one of us is building a tale, each moment of each day that we breathe, talk, eat, and just experience life. I make sculpture about human stories.

I combine fired clay with found objects. Used objects have histories that are personal and obscure. They are interesting on their own, but when attached to a clay figure they take on a new purpose and connect that figure to the real world.

The process of collecting and assembling odd objects is much like the way we construct our personalities as unique beings. We spend a lifetime collecting the faces, places, smells, and ideas that we use to sculpt the self, the inner demon, the Hugmunculus.



About the artist

Heather Hug has been a part of the Chicago art scene since 1994. Her involvement in Chicago art programs has included Cows on Parade, Gallery 37,  and Illinois Arts Council artist residencies. Heather has designed and taught art classes for the Museum of Science of Industry, Field Museum and Hyde Park Art Center.

Heather's art work has been featured in the One of a Kind Show and Sale, the Gold Coast Art Fair, numerous galleries, and art venues in and around Chicago and the Midwest.